Professional Internet Marketing Atlanta Ga

If you are planning to entire the web world and make your presence felt, then you just cannot ignore Internet marketing atlanta ga at any cost. A good strategy is required to ensure your venture is successful. The domain of internet marketing is vast and you need to make sure that the basic concepts are cleared, before you take the plunge. In this post, the facts have been discussed for one to understand the tricks, strategies and facts better, so that the work gets easier and online success is ensured. Read on and get enlightened.[...]

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Copyright your business logo – Reasons why you should protect your trademark!

logo design in atlanta

It can really be very disappointing if you see your logo design put up with some other company name on it! You can call it plagiarism or your own careless folly, but the truth is that the great logo has been lost. Well, this can be avoided, if you decide to put in a little effort and copyright your business logo. At times, it is important to taste the legal waters than lose your great designs to the corporate behemoth. In contemporary times, the concept of copyright has changed completely and people are coming up to protect their creative designs with copyrights and trademarks.[...]

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Facebook ads and AdWords – Marked Differences!

It is true that Facebook ads and AdWords both work on PPC basis (i.e. pay-per-click), but that’s the only similarity that is there. If you use paid search, then you must be very well aware of the Google AdWords platform. However, again if it comes to dabbling Facebook ads, then there are some differences that you need to know, before blindly taking the plunge.[...]

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